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Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season

Winter Solstice Buddha Painting by Cherie Glasco Oh, we're knee deep in the holiday season now, aren't we? Hanukkah has passed. The Winter.

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If only their policies would those who voted for that orange piece of shit who thinks the presidency is a reality TV show.

Corrupt Repukkkes kicking Gr'ma's off her Earned SS/Medicare Benefits.to give the Wealthy deadbeat Moochers more TaxCuts! Thx the biggest Deadbeat of all, Crooked Donnie!

Bill Nye - the true humiliating facts about the dumbing down of Americans and the worst part. many Americans don't have a clue how dumb they are! Shame on America!

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It's sad that seemingly intelligent people believe the utter nonsense of the Bible.


Religion brings in billion dollars a year.even if you aren't a church going religious believer, that money was and is spent to keep you convinced and to try to get you back into their financial scheme.

July 1858 - Charles Darwin’s ("The Father Of the Theory of Evolution") “On the Tendency of Species to form Varieties” is read to the Linnaean Society

Jesus didn't take the wheel

Lol see, in a van with a lot of christian people and someone let let jesus take the wheel and the guy driving, through denver highway, fast, through his hands in the air. The pastor in the van started praying lol


President John Adams delivered his verdict on Christianity being the "most bloody religion that ever existed" long after such calamities as the Crusades and the Inquisition, but a century and a half before the Holocaust, which took place on Christian land