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aidan thompson

if you know what hate feels like, than you got a pretty good guess of what love feels like.
aidan thompson
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6 year old girl is dying of cancer and all she wants for her last christmas is everyone who can to send her a card. Her address is below If you would like to send a card to 6-year-old Addie Fausett, mail it to: Addie and Her Family, P.O Box 162, Fountain Green, Utah, 84632. Read more at

Dying Girl's Last Christmas Wish Comes True: Cards From Strangers Arrive From Around The World -- Send a card to Addie!

Pro-Abortion Politicians Find Models of Unborn Babies “Repulsive” and “Shocking”

Mayor Sparks Abortion Debate in Norway by Posting Picture of Unborn Baby in His…

Taking Over Post from Aidan Kevin Music

Taking Over Post from Aidan Kevin Music

Awesome Blog

Philippians And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. God is all powerful

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Why Churches of Christ Are Shrinking - Part A Misplaced Identity and a Failure to Truly Believe in Grace - Missional Outreach Network for the Missional Church

The Walking Disney Dead

The Walking Dead Disney Edition.two of my favorite things together ♥ <<< I'm not a walking dead fan, but it's so cute<<I love how Merida and Mulan are being badass on their own and elsa&ana are a sister team

Apple Macintosh XL

Apple’s Lisa was the predecessor of the Macintosh that introduced the mouse, the graphical user interface, and the integrated all-in-one design that would characterize the earliest Macs ̵…

From 1984 to this, 30 years of Mac Book. Wow!

Nice thin colourful 30 logo, and really nicely done timeline, microsite

This is my cousin Madelyn, she is the best cousin I had ever had!

This is my cousin Madelyn, she is the best cousin I had ever had!

Christian parents try to raise their children to be Godly Man and currently Christian Boys. Most children are tempted by the devil and some end up leaving God. So we don't need any more "Christian Boys" we need Godly Man who praise the lord like they should.

"The cry for godly men is everywhere. It's loud! It's in the heartbeat of children, wives, single women, churches, communities. We don't need any more "Christian" boys. We need godly men.