'Captain America: Civil War' Make sure to stay and watch after the end credits.

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Spiderman. I hate spiders. But Peter Parker has always been my favorite superhero because I can see someone actually having their DNA introduced to a spiders, and be genetically changed into a man that swings on thread.

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I chose Spider-Man as one of my fav heroes, only because Disney just bought Marvel so it totally counts! But spider man is awesome!

Awesome poster. Not sure how they're going to manage the emotional impact, however, since MCU Steve and Tony are nowhere near as close and they haven't even met Peter...

New Civil War Poster Sees Heroes Fight Over Spider-Man

I think Spiderman will be joining the Avengers (Well, whats left of the Avengers) in Civil War

Yukikaze collab by hellbat.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Yukikaze, another member of the Trainbots. Metallic Texture by Danielle Lilly daniellelily.