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20 minutes and I already miss you...

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❤️ you just need to find peace with me and let me lend you my heart in return

But this is not what u want.I am not what u want.& I cry about that every single miserable day of my fucking life!

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I seriously thought about U all day & all night baby! How much I wanted U here with me.all the things we would love to do.how much I want to kiss U & hold U.how I can't wait to be back in your arms.I miss you and love you and will be back u no it

I made many mistakes and you were never wrong. Sweetest girl of my life, you will be in my heart forever and I will miss you always. And yes God will bring us together if He wants to, nobody can stop that. I am a true and pure soul and that's why I am connected directly with God and you. Thank you for everything, but I don't deserve you and I am sorry for everything...VM

O yes I remember everything you've said.I lie awake thinking.are these words true ? Are you a liar.should I give it a go with you or should I run away.all the things you say.keep me up at night.

I miss her... I miss both of them. Hopefully things can be fixed and go back to the way we were. Close!

I miss you. Not in some cheesy, let's hold hands and be together forever kind of way. I just miss you. Plain and simple. I miss your presence in my life. I miss you always being there for me. I miss my best friend. I miss you papa RIP

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Yes my mind may be mad and having conflicting feelings and my heart may be breaking but I love you deeper than both of these.. I will forever..

Yes my mind may be mad and having conflicting feelings and my heart may be breaking but I love you deeper than both of these.

"You know that place between dreaming and awake? That's where you'll find me. That's where I'll always love you."

keep the lost ones alive in your dreams rip to the fallen Angels

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This is me :( I so glad that my best friend is understanding and hopefully I won't push her away with all of attention both good and annoying.i love her, she is the bestest friend ever.


I need you; because you make me laugh more than anyone else, and I’m the best me when I’m with you. And because when you’re gone, nothing feels right until I return