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1214 Wildwood Ave. Jackson, Michigan 49202  ·  Gold Crown Jewelers in Jackson Michigan. Local family owned custom jewelry boutique.
Gold Crown Jewelers
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Green Blue Pink Watermelon elongated gem tourmaline

Multi-colored Tourmaline crystals above a Lepidolite covered base. emerald-green tips that evolve into a bluish-green coloration which then changes over to a lighter green near the bottom. The lower portion of the actually becomes "watermelon" in that the

Rare Bicolor Indicolite Tourmaline! Bright Blue Green Color, Natural Gemstone, Emerald Cut, 4.71 ct. Excellent Cut and Clarity!. Great Value. Loose Tourmaline Gemstones MdMaya Gems

Emerald Gemstones EMERALD Natural Linen Bedding Set (dark-green): Duvet Cover… Four Days around Banff National Park, Canada Fossilized

The color change of an Alexandrite

A variety of Chrysoberyl, alexandrite is pleochroic, which means it changes color depending on the angle at which it is viewed. Its color-changing property is due to an exceedingly rare combination of minerals that includes titanium, iron and chromium.

Opal doublet is a naturally appearing slice of opal that is matched with a black backing to improve the colour imitating the colours of black opal. Because of the enhanced backing doublets tend to be very beautiful stones but because they are not 'natural' they trade at a discount to many opals.

Opal Facts and Buying guide by Shweta Dhanuka Its name is derived from Sanskrit word ‘upala’ that means valuable stone and also from the Greek term ‘opalli

Uncut Diamonds - this is what they look like when we get them before cutting.

Diamonds are a hard crystalline form of carbon. These uncut diamonds are from the Russian State Precious Metals and Gemstones Collection Fund, part of the Russian Finance Ministry. Photographed in Moscow, in March