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Renee Turner
Renee Turner
Renee Turner

Renee Turner

Time of testing. LIFE .... I have had many a time when IT all hit me at once :( But We Recover :))

this is so lovely because it is a yearning for something more in life. You are tired by the monotonous routine of everyday. You are waiting for life to happen: the laughs, falling madly in love, giving, being content, bliss, and compassion. stop being tired

.Glaube an Dich, dann wirst Du Deine Ziele erreichen. Life-Profiler

The American Dream.It's Waukesha County Real Estate

43 Amazingly simple but genius ideas to use and reuse stuff | eHow

Converse Marimekko Chuck Taylor All Star

Because I always forget!

The difference between obligation and consideration is love.

Custom Converse low tops with floral print ANY by KillerCreationz, $90.00

Butterfinger. Nice and strong, but tastes like a candy bar!


Make owls from old toilet paper tubes. Paint, draw, hang. Excellent — this is something new to add to Unconsumption’s gallery of new uses for toilet paper/paper towel tubes. Now, we haven’t gone as far as creating an Unconsumption Pinterest board devoted to paper-tube repurposing, but stay tuned — that could happen!

Hippie Love ♥

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One day, in your healing, you're going to get "tired", by this I don't mean the sad or the depressed kind of tired but, that you're going to reach a place where the pain and anger has subsided, the lesson is finally learned, and you no longer feel the need to research or speak out about your abuse or live within the circumstances of the past. You will be ready to leave all that behind and move happily forward. You will be ready to let it go. You will be wiser, you will be healed.

@Stacy Bodani - I love this kitchen and this's how she transformed her oak cabinets

You cannot save people, you can only love them. Love them by telling them about Jesus.

I would love to have these & my preschool students would freak!