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How easy! Initials framed with scrapbook paper! Gift idea?

scrapbook paper and wooden letters-super easy.cute idea for baby shower gift in nursery colors

such a cute card, the site let's you enter the dates so they can print the correct amount of days

Personalised Days I've Loved You Card

Wedding morning card to the groom. Very cute idea! I also think this would be a sweet anniversary card

No-sew edge for fleece blankets that is NOT knots this better than knots looks much neater.

Helping Little Hands: Single Layer No-Sew "Braided" Fleece Blankets Tutorial - updated with a tutorial for a double layer braided blanket. Much cuter than the tied edging.

Beira Litoral, Portugal

an umbrella covered walkway in Beira Litoral, Portugal. Umbrellas in Biera Litotal, Portugal;

The Sailor and the nurse from the D-Day kiss picture in Times Square

This picture of the older man and woman is reputed to be the actual sailor and the nurse from the famous "kiss" picture in Times Square celebrating the end of WWII. She reportedly slapped him after he stole that famous kiss from her.

Thumb-body Loves you.

All sorts of thumb print valentine ideas. Perfect for younger grades. Thumb Print Valentine Here is an easy Valentine for kids to do. Just have your children put their thumbs in paint and press on a paper. Have them add features

You Won't Believe What Happens When You Stare At This Optical Illusion For Ten Seconds

Go on. Stare at the red dot for ten seconds.

Neat gift idea!! The Tabletop Fireplace - Hammacher Schlemmer

The Tabletop Fireplace - Using recycled liquid ethanol fuel that gives off only water vapor and carbon dioxide, the clean-burning, portable fireplace yields a bright yellow, orange, and red flame that flickers without fumes.

Musical Freeway, Los Angeles. How did I not know that this existed? Wow

Musical Freeway, Los Angeles, California is this treble clef road design real or just photo art ,

How to oven cure painted glasses! I hope this works b/c I have been painting glasses for awhile and can never make the paint wash proof

How to make DIY chalkboard martini glasses

How to oven cure painted glasses! I hope this works b/c I have been painting glasses for awhile and can never make the paint wash proof Liu Carvajal make your own painted wine glasses

Lap Mug - 20 Creative And Unique Coffee Mugs

Farewell letter from

One of the ways to make morning coffee more interesting is to have a unique coffee mug.If you think the same, look below and choose your favorite coffee cup of Top Dreamer's 20 creative and unique coffee mugs.

Definitely one of my favorite from Banksy. He has some great stuff.

Banksy Street Art (via St Art Utopia) .when art hangs around too long, the poor characters depicted want to take a break from being gazed at forever or imply get a life of their own ;

Natascha Mair. Photo by Ronnie Boehm

Natascha Mair (Wiener Staatsballett), photo by Ronnie Boehm Photography Her feet are beautiful!