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    I loooove werewolves. I've been obsessed with them since High School, and they are my favorite subjects to paint/draw! I am partial to werewolves that are recognizable as wolves, or wolf-like. No mutant ape-rats for me! This is a collection of some of my favorite werewolf art and images.


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    White Wolf, World of Darkness, Ron Spencer.

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    Blood Frenzy


    Bernie Wrightson. (From 'Cycle of the Werewolf')

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    Moonpool by Bernie Wrightson, 1978



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    med by A-u-R-e-L

    Minding my Monsters

    Garou warrior

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    An American Werewolf in London

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    Art by Ivan Belikov further-up.tumblr...

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    Howling Bastards : Photo

    ☆ Bad doggy .:+:. By *BenWootten ☆

    Bad doggy......

    Art by Dima Derzhaven

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    Magna by TorqueArtStudio.d... on @deviantART

    Magna by HiOutsider-Studio on deviantART

    by Russ Fairchild russfair721.wix.c...

    The Tough Truth

    Fear by WolfRoad.devianta... on @DeviantArt


    Beren and Luthien face Carcaroth with the Silmaril by Justin Gerard

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    Little Red Riding Hood Colors by J. Scott Campbell, Jeremiah Skipper + Victor Bartlett

    Little Red Riding Hood Colors by vic55b on deviantART

    SteelC.deviantart... on @deviantART

    Me.. by SteelC on DeviantArt

    Shapeshift by ~sturstein

    Shapeshift by sturstein on deviantART

    Midnight by Atenebris.deviant... on @DeviantArt


    Keep No Promises by Big-Bad-Studios.d... on @deviantART Joshua e butterfly

    Keep No Promises by Big-Bad-Studios on deviantART

    Art by the lovely Jaime Sidor ♥

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    Dreamers - Wolves (You Got Me) (Official Video) - YouTube

    Dreamers - Wolves (You Got Me) (Official Video)