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I loooove werewolves. I've been obsessed with them since High School, and they are my favorite subjects to paint/draw! I am partial to werewolves that are recognizable as wolves, or wolf-like. No mutant ape-rats for me! This is a collection of some of my favorite werewolf art and images.


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Like a disease spreading death... by Safiru on DeviantArt

Like a disease spreading death...

Bitchin' werewolf!

My character Kain from my novel "Hunger" in his human and werewolf forms. I created these for the two-sided promotional bookmark that goes with the book.


Werewolves In Your Basement

The-werewolf by angelanovus on DeviantArt

The-werewolf by angelanovus on DeviantArt


Werewolf's Hand by Michele Benevento

Howling Bastards - Werewolf’s Hand by Michele Benevento

A lovely snarley from the talented Mayra Boyle ♥


Professor Lupin by Foxleopard on deviantART


Eyes in the darkness...

Alexander Jansson- werewolves

Bohemian Dreams in Digital Art

Don't know the artist, but this shadowy wolf transformation sequence is awesome!

  • Raven Dantès
    Raven Dantès

    Oooo. I like this one a lot. Really neat.

Aaaaaaaooooooohhhhh!!!! I can bark, howl and growl all I need is makeup to be a werewolf. -Christel Fine

Lycan- underworld

"Yells at Rain" by Kaylink

Saetje's Inspiration & References (YELLS AT RAIN by Kaylink)

"Stray Witch" by Savannah Horrocks

"Council of Fangs" by H.K.Luterman

"Wolves At Our Door" by H.K.Luterman

Wolves At Our Door by Kyoht -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

"The Dying Moon" by H.K.Luterman www,

The Dying Moon by Kyoht -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

"Leaping Lycanthrope" by H.K.Luterman