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if my love could keep you alive

How do you not love them all? #orphanblack #cloneclub #cosima #helena #rachel #sarah #alison #tony

Saved by

Allison Goldie

It’s about family, he says to the woman who is the true familial nucleus on this show. It’s not Sarah. It’s not Kendall. It’s Siobhán, who is sandwiched neatly in the lineage of the clones - born to the Original, custodian to the orphan in the black. Siobhán Sadler is the hub: the anchor, the caregiver, the protector, and now the avenger, to whom all of Clone Club tethers back. She is just as much Chosen as Sarah Manning, in that she was chosen for Sarah Manning. - Orphan Black 4.08 - “The…


Orphan Black - S03E01