This would be the perfect tattoo to get to remember my dogs ❤️

Paw + Heart

Paw + Heart ~ the other if the two possible paw prints. I really want a tattoo with the paw print an the name of each animal that I have that passes away throughout my lifetime.

2. Dream Catcher - 41 Inspiring and Mostly Black and White Tattoos to Inspire Your Next Ink Session ... → Inspiration

I love dream catchers! When I get a tattoo I want a dream catcher and some where a wolf on there I think that would be adorable!

Dream Catcher Tattoo. Sooome day !!  This gives me more ideas for mine !! I never thought to incorporate flowers with it !  Now I can just get one big tattoo instead of two separate ones !! BRILLIANT !  I gotta start sketching this out !!!

And another tattoo idea, owl with a dream catcher. Working on my dream catcher, I like this as a base outline to go off of

by Beau Victoria Redman. heart dream catcher with feathers

by Beau Victoria Redman. heart dream catcher with feathers.put my birthstone color in the middle, and my boy's at the point of the feather, and add grandchildren birthstones to the dreamcatcher

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