25+ Ways To Turn Your Old Furniture Into A Fairytale Garden

DIY Succulent gardens - how to instructions tabletop centerpiece #DIY #succulents #succulent

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Great container from @Nick C McCullough The combination of the three plants here creates a striping of color. The bottom color stripe comes from the trailing silver ponysfoot and spiderwort fills in the base of the container. Finally, mother-in-law’s tongue rises to almost three feet, creating the top stripe.

Container Garden Combinations | Garden Design

Container Garden

Great combo for shade container

A planter in a faux-lead finish is a timeless choice, but the cylindrical shape of these tall fiberclay urns gives them a really clean feel. Having a different color or texture helps the color pop. Here, string of pearls creates plenty of textural drama and purple calibrachoa and blue ageratum add just the right dose of color.

Modern Freestanding Container

Great tips for making stunning potted plant arrangements - can't wait to add some color to my deck!

The Secret to Gorgeous Plant Pots (The Forever Home Project) - Modern Parents Messy Kids

Sedum and Succulent Planters • Tips, Ideas and Tutorials!

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Fall Container Garden Plant List: 1. Kale; 2. Ornamental peppers; 3. Pansies; 4. Violas; 5. Cabbage; 6. Chrysanthemums; 7. Heucheras; 8. Ornamental grasses; 10. Ivy; 11. Rudbekia; 12. Celosia; 13. Sedums

Grow a 1% Fall Container Garden on a 99% Gardener Budget

Draw Your Eye Up

Create Bold, Dramatic Container Gardens

Great Container Gardens

Great Containers for Gardening

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Proven Winners | High Impact

Picket Fence Greenhouse -Iowa Gardening » Grasses

Get creative with Stone Face Planters. #containers #flowers #Provenwinners

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A pretty plant container with an unexpected twist! #ProvenWinners #planter

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Galvanized steel electrical junction boxes as inexpensive and easy. You don't even need to add holes!

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'Black Velvet' is a good choice for a full sun combination in spring or summer, with contrast between dark leaves and bright blooms. #ProvenWinners

Container Garden Design - Foliage and Texture

Looking for a super dramatic, drought-tolerant container combo? Try a blue agave and Silver Falls dichondra!

June | 2012 | Thinking Outside the Boxwood

Fine Line buckthorn makes an excellent container plant - its narrow habit leaves plenty of room for filling out with colorful annuals. Several pots like this in a row make a unique, inexpensive, flexible privacy hedge!

Fine Line® - Buckthorn - Rhamnus frangula

Coral stemmed dogwood (like Arctic Sun: + black mondo grass + snowdrops = WOW! Plant in autumn for spring show.

The Blazing Beauty of 'Midwinter Fire'

Looking for a #SweetPotatoVIne that will not overpower a #container? #Illusion #Emeraldlace Iponoea is compact, dense, lacy. Ideal for mixed containers. For height add #ProvenWinners #KingTut papyrus grass and #DiamondFrost #Euphorbia for a great looking container in full sun.

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My front porch pots are looking lovely this year! Thanks Pinterest for the color combo!!

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This is a nice departure from the "usual" potted flowers. Perennials mixed with annuals.

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Garden Pots and Planters Add Spice to Garden Landscape Ideas

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Black and Blue Salvia, Wave Petunias, Annual Verbena, Creeping Jenny and a cool grass in the background in this sun combo pot! Such a pretty combo of plants ... in a gorgeous turquoise container.

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