Decorate the Perfect Space

Decorate the Perfect Space

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Washing your hands is way more fun when colorful blocks are floating in the soap.

The secret to success here: Place a glass vessel inside your LEGO structure to hold water.

Want to get super meta? Make this table your home's designated LEGO-building spot.

Pretty scrapbook paper (and coordinating ombre paint hues) put this group of plastic organizers in the spotlight — in a good way.

Dollar store bins look much pricier (and fancier) with a hit of gold and silver spray paint.

An all-over color change on a row of storage crates might be too much, but painting only the insides makes a lovely statement that doesn't feel childish.

Ah, the age old math problem: One bathroom + A big family = Someone always waiting around — even when they really need to go.

There's nothing worse than sitting down and realizing that there's just a cardboard tube where your TP should be.

If you tire of the natural brown look, coat the bottom in white paint (or add accent fabric) for a trendy upgrade.

Removable cardboard backers allow an injection of fun patterned fabric that can be changed out on a whim.

If you don't have a guest room, have no fear. There are more ways to be welcoming than you think.