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    IKEA's RASKOG Cart is super handy in every single room — and your kid's space is no exception. The baby blue color makes this an adorable, moveable book organizer.

    Add a rail under an IKEA floating shelf to create a makeshift hanger for onesies in the nursery.

    Use IKEA's LACK Coffee Table to make a LEGO command center, complete with bins organized by color and a street on top.

    An wooden topper makes the top bunk of an IKEA bed feel like a private little house.

    Add seating and storage at the same time by transforming a plain white IKEA bookshelf into a bench complete with green numbered cubbies.

    If you flip one of IKEA's spice racks over, you can use the old bottom to house accessories like a shelf and the new bottom to hold hangers.

    Corral children's books on floating shelves from IKEA.

    Transform an IKEA BILLY Bookcase into a bright blue wardrobe with space for clothes and accessories.

    DIY an IKEA bookshelf into a dollhouse, lining each section with different paper to make individual rooms.

    Bring some Parisian charm to closet doors with inexpensive ceiling medallions. Just nail them on and paint.

    You can let your kid enjoy unsupervised coloring when you coat the top of an IKEA table with chalk paint.

    Dress up French doors by gluing on precut mirrors (found at craft and hardware stores).

    Use a large-patterned wallpaper, like this chinoiserie-inspired style, to makeover your closet door. For a major statement, cover the surrounding wall, too.

    Use IKEA picture ledges to create floating shelves for children's books.

    No vanity, no problem! Just add one of IKEA's floating picture ledges under the mirror and above the sink.

    When positioned side-by-side to form a makeshift kitchen island, the BILLY bookcase shelves create a home for all of your favorite cookbooks, snacks, and even baking supplies.

    The sleek storage for dishes was made out of modern IKEA cabinets.

    If your bathroom has a pedestal sink (read: zero storage) ditch it for an IKEA vanity instead.

    A colorful hunter green home exterior is unexpected, but can still suit conservative tastes.

    This Gift Wrapping Technique That Will Blow Your Mind!!

    An enfilade is a long corridor with multiple subsequent rooms.

    A nap is the term applied to the fuzzy side of any type of fabric, especially velvet.

    Upholstered furniture often has welting on its seams, either in a contrasting decorative color or in the same fabric as the upholstery. The fabric-covered cord is used as trimming for aesthetic purposes.

    Those unattached pieces of fabric on the arms of your sofa are called antimacassars.

    In your home, the architrave is simply the molding above a door frame.