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    Dream of These Desserts

    Or at least get ready to drool over them!

    Dream of These Desserts

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    We went ahead and put all your favorite things into a single pie recipe.

    This is the best pie recipe for Maple Granola Pecan!

    Need a low maintenance pie recipe? This one requires zero fancy crimping.

    A no-frills pumpkin pie recipe should be in your repertoire.

    Forget the marshmallow topping. This is officially our new favorite pie recipe.

    This pie recipe basically yields a Snickers bar... in pie form.

    Your search for the ultimate chocolate cake recipe ends here.

    Back to school isn't always their favorite time of year, but come September, they'll be thankful to have a pretty patterned pen to get them through the day.

    The shredded squash makes the bread delectably moist.

    Make this refreshing parfait instead. Bonus: It tastes like a fruity crumble dessert. Win.

    Look at that color. Who knew something so beautiful could be created in two seconds without actually cooking anything at all?

    This ricotta spread literally tastes like a cannoli.

    In microwave, melt two tablespoons butter in a shallow bowl. In another bowl, mix together cinnamon and sugar. Dip the top edge of cone in melted butter, and then in cinnamon sugar mixture.

    In a microwave-safe bowl, melt white chocolate chips in 30-second intervals, stirring. Then, dip the top of the sugar cone in the melted chocolate.

    Using a small spatula, spread marshmallow crème on the outside rim of a sugar cone. Press chopped, chilled peanut butter chips onto crème.

    Using a small spatula, spread peanut butter on the outer edge of a sugar cone. Press mini chocolate chips into the peanut butter.

    Spoon Nutella into the bottom of a sugar cone.

    Drizzle caramel syrup into the bottom of sugar cone. Using a small spatula, spread the rest of the inside and outer rim of the cone with syrup.

    This coconut sheet cake's recipe also calls for whipped coconut icing —double the yum!

    If you're looking for a summertime dessert, this lemon sheet cake is it.

    There's a good chance you already have more than half of these ingredients for this chocolate sheet cake.

    Try a banana cheese cake — with cream cheese frosting, of course.

    The recipe for this Funfetti sheet cake is super easy. The pops of color are a nice touch, too.

    Strawberries don't have a monopoly on this dessert, guys.

    Yes, this dessert pizza has mozzarella cheese on it. No, it's not gross (especially when combined with blueberry jam and cream cheese).