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    Get Organized

    Finally tackle that clutter (and gain some peace of mind along the way).

    Get Organized

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    Use a bright colored board to hang all of your little girls' hair accessories.

    An empty oatmeal container is actually an ideal place to stash headbands.

    Hang ribbons from a mirror to keep them organized and easy to access.

    This stylish DIY ribbon board serves as wall art AND a place for her to stash all her bows.

    Corral your kids' hair accessories in a pretty bird cage.

    Place a drying rack above your sink to save room on your counter.

    Try a movable island extension to gain more counter space.

    Lift up your essential kitchen items to make room for more things on the counter.

    Hang your favorite utensils from a cabinet door to gain extra counter space.

    Add a trash chute above your garbage to gain extra counter space.

    Add a level of shelves to our backsplash to gain extra counter space.

    Cover your stovetop with custom-sized cutting boards to create a second prep zone.

    An IKEA spice rack is the perfect organizer for your nail polish collection.

    Use an IKEA step-stool to give your kids a boost and store decor and hand towels.

    These pod-like IKEA containers hold makeup items on your bathroom wall.

    IKES's Raskog cart stores all of your bathroom's odds and ends.

    Store hot hair tools in an IKEA kitchen organizer.