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Pope Francis Quotes

Valuable, inspirational, and interesting quotes by Pope Francis.

"To wash your feet, this is a symbol, a sign that I am at your service. But it also means that we have to help each other. This sign is a caress from Jesus, because Jesus came exactly for this, to serve and to help us." - Pope Francis

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Do stand there, and enjoy His glory! Read more at:

Go to the sick, and you will find our Lord! Read more at:

Do you know you really can feel God´s warm love in your heart? Read more at:

Is your heart wounded by sin? Do you need healing? Go to Jesus! He´s waiting for you! Read more at:

The Lord´s calling us! Let´s get out of the tombs where we have buried ourselves! Read more at:

Do you pray without fear, freely, even with insistence? Read more at:

Our Father always waits for us, and He always forgives us! Let´s go and try! Read more at:

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“Let´s be witnesses of the Gospel for a culture of encounter.” Read more:

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Holy Orders and Matrimony. They constitute two great paths by which the Christian can make his life a gift of love, after the example and in the name of Christ, and thus cooperate in the building up of the Church. ~ Pope Francis

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He is our Pattern and our Master, let´s follow Him! Read more at:

True Christians help their brothers and sisters who are in need! Read more at:

“Our following Christ, is not an idea. It is a constant abiding at home” Read more at: