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    Pope Francis Quotes

    Valuable, inspirational, and interesting quotes by Pope Francis.

    Pope Francis Quotes

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    "Every family is always a light, however faint, amid the darkness of this world." Read more at:

    "He is always with us!" Read more at:

    "Families are not a problem, they are first and foremost an opportunity." Read more at:

    "God, who destroyed Himself, lowered Himself to save us." Read more at:

    "The Church is a spiritual family and the family is a small Church." Read more at:

    "Peace is always possible." Read more at:

    "An ear to God's heart and a hand on the pulse of the time." Read more at:

    "Our families need to ask for the gift of the Spirit!" Read more at:

    “Work is sacred, work gives dignity to a family: we must pray that work be not lacking in any family.” Read more at:

    "His word does not shake the doorposts, but rather caresses the strings of the heart." Read more at:

    "Life can start all over again." Read more at:

    "Mary teaches us to put our families in God’s hands." Read more at:

    "The Church wants you to be men of witness." Read more at: en.radiovaticana....

    "Everything is connected together in the family" Read more at:

    "We can’t do good without being close to people." Read more at:

    "The love of Christ impels us" Read more at:

    "Hidden heroism of families caring for the sick." Read more at:

    "The Eucharist makes present the Covenant that sanctifies us, purifies us and unites us in marvelous communion with God." Read more at:

    "There is no express marriage." Read more at:

    "The Holy Spirit makes us remember what Jesus tells us." Read more at:

    Mother and Father

    "Do not exile yourself from the education of your children." Read more at:

    "The Holy Spirit creates the harmonious unity between everyone.” Read more at:

    "A love which urges husbands and wives always to go beyond, beyond themselves and even beyond their own family." Read more at: