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Do Good with Goodreads

Let's help others experience the joy of curling up with a good book. Each month Goodreads highlights a different charitable foundation that promotes education and literacy.
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INTERNATIONAL BOOK PROJECT sends 200,000 books annually to developing nations in South America, Asia, and Africa as well as underserved schools and libraries in the United States.

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Raise awareness for children's literacy with the BOOK PEOPLE UNITE campaign. Watch the video, and take the pledge to get a free track produced by the Roots, with Chris Martin, John Legend, Jack Black, and more! Please repin!

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REACH OUT AND READ hooks families on reading in an unexpected place: the doctor's office. Pediatricians help educate parents on the developmental importance of reading aloud.

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From military bases abroad to ships at sea, parents in the armed services can read to their children with a little help from the nonprofit UNITED THROUGH READING, which sends videos home.

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Literacy starts at home with help from the nonprofit RAISING A READER, which teaches parents best practices for nurturing reading and provides a supply of fresh books for young readers.

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Braille is going digital with the development of a handheld "braille to go" tablet from the NATIONAL BRAILLE PRESS, a longtime literacy resource for blind children and adults.

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ADOPT-A-CLASSROOM! Browse for classes in need—you can search by grade level, poverty level, or simply find a classroom near you—and the teacher will receive 100 percent of your donation.

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Nonprofit THE WORLD IS JUST A BOOK AWAY builds libraries and school programs in areas of Indonesia that sustained tsunami and earthquake damage.

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November is National Novel Writing Month—and it's not just for adults! With the YOUNG WRITERS PROGRAM, classrooms and writers 17 and under can access online tools, advice from best-selling authors, and more.

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With just 1,000 gently used books, 500 dollars for shipping costs, and help from AFRICAN LIBRARY PROJECT, anyone can start a library in rural Africa, where many children grow up without books.

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