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Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.  Mahatma Gandhi

Almost all entrepreneurs, if not all, have some moments in their business careers where they question whether or not they should continue in that business.

Awesome Simple Ideas

Alcoholics rejoice, the Shot and Pint Drinking Glasses are here. No more losing your beer when you stop to take a shot. Unfortunately, we have a feeling it will be a little hard to do a Saki bomb with these.

Real Wonder Women

Smart women are the real role models for both male and females. Being photographed half naked isn't an accomplishment. Why do women support women who sell themselves as sex symbols and sex objects? Ain't that Curious.

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Powered by Hydrogen

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Powered by Hydrogen

Dancing Pet Speaker Connect the pet to an iPod or computer and watch as it dances along to the beats.

Pros: I like fuzzy stuffed animals. Cons: I’m scared of soulless animatronics. I’m gonna call this a hung jury.