Giant Wanted. Math Lesson on proportions and ratios. Create wanted description based on giant hand print & student own ratios to hand size. Could also work in averages of groups/class.

Katie Lately: Giant Wanted

The Teacher Who Hated Math: Math Notebook

The Teacher Who Hated Math: Math Notebook

The Teacher Who Hated Math: Math Notebook

The Teacher Who Hated Math: Rates and Ratios Intro

Algebra Foldable. Common Core: 6.EE.9. This is a foldable that students can keep in their math notebooks. It would be beneficial for those at the abstract level with the concept of proportions. All you need is construction paper and markers.

Proportional Reasoning (Foldable) for Algebra

Math = Love: Foldable Love

Math = Love: Foldable Love

How much fat is in your snack? Combination math & nutrition activity

Lesson Plan SOS: Fat Test Conclusion!

This foldable is organized into three tabs. 1. What is interest? (explanation & formula) 2. Examples solving for interest 3. Examples solving for p,r, or t. This is the perfect item to add to an interactive notebook and is a great study tool!

Simple Interest (Foldable)

Illuminations: Understanding Rational Numbers and Proportions

Understanding Rational Numbers and Proportions

5.NF.7 lessons

Divide whole numbers by fractions

Illuminations: Now and Then

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principle- proportion

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4mula Fun! :) Solving proportion problems

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Ratios Worksheet

Ratios | Worksheet |


Loose Shoelaces: Vocabulary and More Vocabulary!

Ratios Notes

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Fifth Grade Follies: foldable quadrilateral

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Ms. Milleson's 7th Grade Blog: Capture/Recapture - Proportions Math Activity

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Ratios and Proportional reasoning - Middle School Math Rules!

Middle School Math Rules!

"Ratios and Proportions...and Goldfish!" This blog post is about a great hands-on activity to help students understand a real-life application of ratios and proportions.

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NCTM- unit rate/ proportional reasoning. Task based

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i is a number: If Barbie Were as Tall as Me- A Lesson in Proportional Reasoning

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Real-life Unit Rate Activity for middle school math broken down step-by-step. Reinforces procedure to find the unit rate of three student chosen items from any grocery store advertisement. Students love unit rates because of the relevancy! I keep all my Xmas catalogue a for activities like this and %

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Use with solving for a variable. Hands on Math in High School: Literal Equations

Hands on Math in High School: Made4Math #3 - Literal Equations

Learning stations activity. Tg

Middle School Math Rules!: Group Work

Links to ratio and percent interactive activities

Topic 16 Links - Norterra Canyon - 5th Grade Math