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40 Pinterest-Ready Inspirational Quotes

quote: she's a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. she sees possibility everywhere. Words of Wisdom

Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for. Slow down, don't let life get away.


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I literally burst out laughing. My dentist should frame this and put it up in his office. Very clever humor.

"There will be dozens of people who will take your breath away but the one who reminds you to breath is the one you should keep." >>If only i could find more that actually took my breath away.

Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother. SO TRUE.  If you like one, you'll like the other

Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother

Funny pictures about Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother. Oh, and cool pics about Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother. Also, Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother photos.

That's just awesome.

Spontaneous Wingman of the Year

Faith in Humanity Restored. Welcome to America, my friend. I just died How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show!

Parenting win. | Funny Pictures

That's awesome! My husband was like heck yeah I will do that to our kids. Wear that shirt too, "oh u like short shorts so do I. c'mon kids we're movies" oh how I love my husband.

A soul mate to love [Click twice on the photo to find out more]

Love is the realization that your someone isn't perfect and that they won't ever be, but nonetheless what you see is beauty. And love is beautiful. That's what God's love is. We're human and certainly not perfect, but yet He loves us despite.


Shopping Humor: Hahahaha this probably happens every time I shop.