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Emotional Intelligence and the Gordon Model
"When we learn the communication skills it takes to speak and behave congruently, to be honest and not back away, we take more personal responsibility for our own needs, beliefs and choices; we get in touch with what’s important to us. We begin to free ourselves of being dependent on others’ expectations and approval." (A two-minute read)
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What Brings You Here?
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Stop the GLOP!
🛑 You can stop the GLOP. Learn how to address behaviors and leave the stereotypes behind. GLOP = General Labeling Of People (We teach this concept of what not to do, before we get into I-Messages where we coach people to be specific--what they see the other person do, what we hear the other person say. 🎤📸 #labels #stereotyping #stoptheGLOP #GLOP #behavior #gordonmodel #imessages #relationships #relationshipGPS #behaviorwindow #drthomasgordon
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Thank you, Tom Gordon.
❤️🕊🌍🌎🌏🌈⛳🎾🏓🎤 Saturday, 26 August marks 21 years since the passing of my Pop, Dr. Thomas Gordon. We here at GTI along with the thousands of instructors, trainers, reps all over the planet, passionately continue to carry the torch. We are determined as ever to help people all over the world, learn the communication skills to have more respectful, healthier and fulfilling relationships at home, at work and at school. Thank you, Tom Gordon. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️
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Be Your Best
60 years?! Whoa.... History, Parents, Youtube, Teaching, Parenting
Gordon Training International celebrates 60 years!
60 years?! Whoa....
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How to Confront with Confidence, Congruence and Clarity