Let your faith be bigger than your fear ~ This is so true Ive had to live by this quote this year And not let fear control me Faith has brought me thru alot this year Thank ya Jesus for watching over & blessing me Our God is an AWESOME GOD!


palm tree sunset--beautiful color pallet, we are inspired by elements of nature too. would look great with a greeting stamped on this.

Start doing great today! :)

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true that, it's only by facing your fears that you'll grow and become better. :)

Usually we think that brave people have no fear. The truth is they are intimate with fear.

Do what you love, we say!

This is a hotspot because you see the heart shining bright. So the heart is the hotspot. Then you move to her hair and see a long, blonde, haired girl who is in the sun.

Dream On by creativegrafix

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