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Sewing Pattern/ jumpsuits and Rompers Más

ModelistA: A4 - NÚMERO: 0001

A4 - NÚMERO: 0001

Pattern making ModelistA

Free People bodysuit // Brigette Muller

Even if you ain& got no romanic interest in your life right now, that doesn& mean you can& wear lace bodysuits around the house fo.

Mod@ En Line@.

overall shorts Mod@ En Line .

DIY body suit...  just sew a blouse to a pair of comfy undies girls...  then, you won't have to keep tucking all night when all you want to do is look fabulous!

what possible use could a dress shirt bodysuit be?

Lolita Inspired 2 Piece Sailor Playsuit (CUSTOM SIZED). $90.00, via Etsy.

Lolita Inspired 2 Piece Sailor Playsuit (CUSTOM SIZED)

it's all happening.



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