Pink sand beaches, championship golf and world-class restaurants, all less than a two-hour flight from the east coast United States.

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In an epic adventure to foil from New York to Bermuda, 35-knot winds and waves up to 25 feet hammered the "F4," a 46-foot foiling catamaran. Ideal foiling conditions out of New York turned treacherous for some of the world’s best sailors, who battled the elements for over 66 hours during a 662-mile (1,065km) open ocean journey.

Born from the vision of Falcone, an open ocean adventurer and former teammate of Spithill and Rome Kirby on ORACLE Team USA, the mission set out to prove that sustained foiling in the open ocean on a multi-hull is here for the avid sailor and adventure seeker –powered by wind, innovation and efficiency.

Some of the world's best sailors are coming to Bermuda in 2017 for the 35th America's Cup in 2017.

“In 72 hours, we experienced more than a lot of sailors experience in their whole career. We had awesome foiling on the first day, but it turned to ultimate survival."

Emily Nagel on the experience: “I couldn't quite believe I was on a boat with the ORACLE Team USA guys and Shannon. The learning curve of getting to sail with people with that kind of experience is just incredible. I learned so much about foiling and about offshore sailing.

Meet Emily Nagel: The Young Sailor From the Bermuda Triangle.

#FoiltoBermuda had a symbolic meaning for @redbull Team Falcon - the team traveled from NY, the original home of America's Cup 132 years ago, & ended up in Bermuda – the home of the 35th @americascup, presented by @LouisVuitton in 2017.

Jimmy Spithill and @redbull Team Falcon battled Mother Nature as they were on an epic adventure to fly on water from NY to Bermuda.

The team reached the Gulf Stream Saturday evening, but the headaches came Sunday morning when a new low pressure system formed rapidly. As the team departed the Gulf Stream, they reported 25-knot winds (29mph) and 2-meter waves (6.5ft), both well over projection.

Safety remained the top priority, so minimal sails were deployed and progress was exceptionally slow. As had been the case for 24 hours, there was nowhere to go but toward Bermuda. When the team arrived early morning on Tuesday, Nov. 8, conditions remained fierce.