Roman Amphitheatre, Bosra, Syria. by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr

Syria before war- The well preserved roman amphitheatre ( century A.C ) in Bosra, Syria -UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ruines romaines à Palmyre, au cœur du désert, en Syrie. Classé par l'Unesco au patrimoine mondial de l'humanité depuis 1980.

UNESCO World Heritage Site ~ Roman ruins at Palmyra, in the heart of the desert, Syria.(Our family drove here from England in

Syrie : Colonnade et château de Qalat ibn Maan - Palmyre

Roman Ruins, Palmyra, with Qalat ibn Maan looming in the background,Syria - 2010

Temple of Bel, Palmyra, Syria | geneward2

PALMYRA: Temple of Baal-Shamin - the Lord of the Heavens in Semitic pantheon, responsible for rain and fecundity. The Temple dated from to AD It was completely restored in by Swiss archeologists and destroyed in

Tetrapylon, Palmyra, Syria

Tetrapylon, Palmyra, Syria - breaks my heart that this no longer exists

Théâtre de Palmyre, Syrie

visitheworld: “Palmyra’s Theatre, buried beneath the sand until Syria (by Julian Kaesler).

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The Ancient Roman city of Palmyra, Syria. It's so depressingly sad that ISIS had to destroy this beautiful ancient city!