This is a great experiment to show different densities of liquids. Have students record their predictions then watch as students create a rainbow in a glass. Liquids with higher densities will sink to the bottom while lighter liquids will go to the top.

Liv to Teach: What is science???

Nature & Discovery space for children to discover natural objects beauty and to learn about nature.

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Fall Sensory Bottles for Exploring Nature. Simple science for young kids. Great fine motor practice. Fall theme activity. Explore outdoors and take a nature walk.

Fall Sensory Bottles Exploring Nature Science Fine Motor Play

Make a Balloon Hovercraft - A Fun Science Project

Make a Balloon Hovercraft - A Fun Science Project

Turn your popping corn into HOPPING corn with this MESMERIZING science activity for kids! One Time Through #science4kids

Hopping Corn Science Activity - One Time Through

How to add color and scent to water beads for falls sensory play: golden delicious yellow, apple cinnamon green, and candy apply red

Apple Scented Water Beads ~ Learn Play Imagine

Halloween Science for Kids

Magnet Track Craft - The car is guided by a magnet on a popsicle stick. (PreK/K STEM)

Magnet Track Craft -

Fun kool-aid science for kids - color mixing, magic rainbows, eruptions, and more

Kool-aid Science for Kids ~ Bath Activities for Kids

Super easy kids' science! Make a tornado in a jar.

Kids' Science: Tornado in a Jar - Playdough To Plato

Glowing xylophone and 11 other science experiments kids can do at home.

12 Science Experiments Kids Can Create at Home

Come learn an easy trick that will get you the most dramatic, puffy, foamy baking soda and vinegar eruptions and learn the science behind it! From Fun at Home with Kids

How to get the Best Baking Soda and Vinegar Reaction!

Summer is a great time to experiment with ice!

Simple Science - Ice Cube Experiment

Neat experiment to teach children about how to maintain healthy teeth. Use Coffee and Soda (with a boiled egg) and vinegar (raw egg) and leave overnight. Try brushing off stains on the boiled eggs, the raw egg explains decay!

Luv Pre-K: Two Toothy Eggsperiments

Fun with frozen: making ice grow

Fun with frozen: making ice grow

Celery Experiment: The celery turns to the color you put in the bottle. Kids love it.

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Exploring the Surface Tension of Water with Paperclips

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The Dissolving Egg Shell - A "Must Try" science experiment for kids that is super easy to do at home & you probably have everything you need to try it right now

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Weather Activities for science experiments to help kids learn about the weather

Learning About Weather Science Experiments

POP, FIZZ, CRACKLE these 15 science experiments from "Lemon Lime Adventures" explode with coolness!

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15 simple science experiments for kids

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Over 150 incredible ideas for kids this spring including art, nature exploration, flower crafts, learning about seeds, and much more!

Spring Kids Activities ~ Learn Play Imagine

9 apps making outdoor science study fun #kidsapps #ScienceApps

9 Apps Making Outdoor Science Learning Fun | iGameMom

Night Time Science for Kids {10 + Ideas for exploring the world after dark.} | A Virtuous Woman #homeschool #science #summer

Night Time Science for Kids - A Virtuous Woman

How to make raisins - simple sun science for kids

Making Raisins ~ Learn Play Imagine