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Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada   ·  A dentist creating healthy, beautiful and bright smiles! Welcome to my online world as well as practice at Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic!
Dr. Ratna Kali-Roy
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how to convert sugar recipes to xylitol and stevia. I'm not a fan of using stevia, but xylitol is my candida cleanse lifeline so I'm posting this just as a resource. I'm looking forward to cooking w/ natural sweeteners again!

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10 Books About Health Teeth and Brushing #kidlit

Great tips for teaching your kids about their teeth and super creative teeth crafts and teeth activities for kids. Great for toddler, preschool, kindergarten and elementary age kids!

Dental facts on a graphic #dentalfunfacts #oral #health

Get ready to smile! Fun facts and figures about our oral health done in a lovely dental infographic for National Smile Month 2015 from our National Dental Survey.