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from Unveiled Wife

15 Scriptures To Soothe An Anxious Heart

True! They know much better and faster than I of whom is good at heart and who doesn't have one! 1796 403 5 Carol Ann Simmons Nance Just Dogs 3 Yocasta Reyes EXACT!


15 Scriptures To Soothe An Anxious Heart

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from Imani Code

Chaos Dancing In My Ear

"They reside in my crowded thoughts, and have made room there…. It always starts in ways that seem harmless: My demons though quiet, are never quite silenced. Calm as they may be, they wait patiently for a reason to wake, take an overdue breath…. and crawl back into my ear. And the thing about chaos, while it disturbs me, it too, forces my heart to roar in a way I secretly find magnificent." -Imani...

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