~~Candy Sleighs~~ These candy sleighs are a craft faire favorite that any child would love to give or receive! A fun project to make for that special teacher, babysitter, friend, or neighbor this Christmas. I'm so giving this to my best friend @skflaherty

Prolly a paper towel roll would be cleaner....Cover toilet paper roll, adhere and put inside mason jar. Fill around the roll with favorite candy. This is the COOLEST way ever to give money!! Put candy in according to the season or just favorite candy!! .

Great idea for multi purpose wrapping paper - a word search with everyone's names. Circle the name of the recipient. Note: This pin takes you to Puzzlemaker on DiscoveryEducation - if anyone can source where to actually buy it, that would be most helpful.

Heart Waffle Iron

Cici- cute idea for john since he's away When you want to know how much i love you, when you are bored, when you can't sleep, when you have a bad day, when you feel lonely, when someone makes you mad, when you want to know what my favorite memory of us is

50 Themed Christmas Basket Ideas

Check the way to make a special photo charms, and add it into your Pandora bracelets. So many cute Christmas basket ideas!!! Love how creative they are for guys, girls and kids!

DIY Father's Day cards

I enjoy making simple, handmade cards for holidays and birthdays. And I have to say that crafting with washi tape is one of THE easiest ways to make a cute, homemade card. You don???t need loads of fancy stamps or layers of paper??? just a little tape and

Santa Gift in a Jar

Home decorating is great any time of the year but it seems to be exceptionally popular during the Christmas holiday. When November rolls around, people are making plans to decorate and are searching for unique home decorating ideas fo

Are you looking forward to Christmas this year? If so, there is a good chance that you cannot wait until it arrives. While it is difficult, in fact impossible, to make Christmas come any sooner, there are ways that you can bring the

Forgiving others and its importance. Can read Christian children's book "Don't Hug a Grudge" Amazon with this craft. Such a cute idea. Sometimes easier said than done but every day is a new day.

Grinch Pills: Take one for any of the following symptoms: Grumpy, Grouchy, Greedy, Green, or Grabby. Warning: May cause joy, thankfulness, and the overwhelming need to give.