Why Australia Is the Best Place in the World to Be Healthy

CREAMY BLUEBS BOWL with a scoop of homemade blueberry choc ice cream. The base was blended blueberries fro nanas and acai powder. I finished it off with coconut shreds fro blueberries cashew based rawnola dragon fruit balls and carob chips. So delicious!

Breakfast game strong 😏👊🏼 Papaya boats filled with nicecream. Firework in my mouth 💥

Sushi for the all you colorful souls out there! Ever since adapting a plant based diet, beets are probs one of the more exciting veggies to play with in the kitchen. I mean come on, look at this.

Blueberry banana nicecream topped with coconut flakes, buckinis and frozen blueberries for breakfast

requires some pink tie dyed smoothies inspired by so refreshing ☁️☁️ mind my berry stained fingernails alllll and gooood