cameron dallas- a great guy. i remember when he had serious depression with the fear of never having friends. watching him go from 0 to 100 is one of the best transitions ive ever seen. love you forever❤️

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cameron dallas:: hey im cameron dallas, but call me cam. im 19 and single, but looking. im not quite sure about this chosen thing. I have a step-sister madi.

Romee Strijd for VOGUE Netherlands June 2016 - The shirt she's wearing will be available with the July issue!

Ambiente. De nuevo, mostrando parte del medio en el que están (instalaciones deportivas, el campus, su lugar de trabajo, de intercambio, etc). Centrado en la persona cuando son publicaciones de persona. Humano.

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1000 photo Cameron i love you so much. I know you don't know me, you don't know I exist. In your eyes I'm just another fan But I love you, I know you, I know you exist and I care. And to me your my everything.

The photo coloring has a retro vibe to it. Of course, Scott Eastwood would be sexy in any era, but I'm glad he's in mine.

(FC: Scott Eastwood) Hello, I'm Scott. 22 year old, and a rich boy looking to spend some coins. My parents are the CEOs of Walmart, so we bring in a ton of money. I'm sharp, witty and talented with women.

Ok so I know this is late but happy birthday Cam love you

::cam Dallas::"hey I'm cam"I smile"I'm 18 and single. I'm looking for a girl that will make me happy. I'm very kind and social. I'm a Viner and I'm apart of Magcon. I have a sister named Aspen, we're pretty close.mwell that's it about me, come say hi?

Ryan Gosling- (The Notebook), Remember the titans), (Half Nelson).

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Ryan Gosling (the Notebook) - ehhhh.he could be my husband, right?

Pinch me.... Jude Law you are one beautiful man.

Glasses in Movies: Holiday Edition

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Birthday girl: Making quite the entrance to her birthday bash, Gigi arrived hand in hand with her fellow model friend Kendall Jenner who slipped her lithe frame into a printed pair of black flared trousers