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This DIY miracle hair repair will save dry, broken, and damaged hair within just a week using only 1 ingredient!

DIY Miracle Hair Repair --- YOU'LL NEED: organic coconut oil (melted); a wet, warm towel (choose a light, microfiber one though! and apple cider vinegar (optional)

10 Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Scientists and doctors are still working on the best products for hair. However, there are some cheap remedies that will help in aiding hair growth.

Quick Acne Fix

Skin Acne Some people, especially teenagers, are confused about how to best take care of their skin. A good skin care regime can be easy and beneficial. Use the tips below to learn how to take care of your skin.

Are you guilty of over-using hot styling tools to curl your hair? We were  too (and our hair was NOT happy with us) - until we realized that you can  get the same amazing curls without ANY heat. Amazing, right? Hot styling  tools can be one of the harshest things you can use to style your hair.  Why? Because they instantly zap the moisture from our hair, leading to dry,  brittle hair. *Cue the violins*  To help you protect those locks, we have compiled a list of 7 different  ways you can…

How Essential Oils Changed My Beauty Routine + favorites for better sleep, long lashes, dark spots, acne scars & preventing wrinkles. Green Beauty beginning

Get rid of facial hair permanently without pain

kh-rid facial hair permanently w/o pain. 1 T flour, 1 t sugar, part of 1 egg, Mix well til paste like glue. Apply paste to face, especially on the hairy areas. leave it Peel to remove mask wash.