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1,000 Calories Workout | Posted By:

1,000 Calories Workout | Posted By:

The truth about grieving

yeah after trying to take ur life once and it dont work u change alot, u change how ur going to do it next time. u do it so much untill it becomes a game, am i gonna die by trying this, no welll lets try something else

Please don't drink and drive..

Im not exaggerating at all there are literal tears in my eyes. I usually never cry, laugh, yell when i see something on my ipad this is the first thing to actually make me cry it's painful.

for Ashley ❤

for Ashley ❤

Depressing Quotes Tumblr Depression tumblr quote love

They tried a second time to kill me, but I got help before it was too late now I am on the road to recovery.<<< yeah I fucking wish I'm far from recovery and this is probably the 20 time (or more) that I've tried to kill myself and I'm not even joking

i’m sorry that i didn’t warn you. i’m sorry you stumbled into a shit friendship with a shit person who has shitty anger issues and shitty thoughts and shitty behaviour. you all deserve so much more.

no one

i love you with all of my heart, mind, and soul, you are the only one for me. and every second I am not talking to you I miss all of u, including the scars and cuts. did you cut today?