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Cool camping idea this summer: suspended treeehouse

Cocoon Tree Bed Deluxe, Sleep in the treetops with this temporary spherical structure. Made of tarpaulin-covered aluminum poles, it has a wood floor covered with a high-density foam mattress and includes sheets and a duvet for the ultimate experience.

Matches in a jar with sandpaper top! Great for camping or Glamping! Would worry about broken glass, but would totally reuse a plastic container (Miracle Whip container) & use it the same way!!

For the bathrooms: Mason jar match holder. Cut out a piece of black sandpaper that is the same size as a mason jar lid. Glue the piece of sandpaper on the lid with hot glue. Fill mason jars with matches, close the lid and you are ready to go.

ok so this could work for camping but this would also make a grate date night :) tomorrow kevin and I are having date night so Im going to get glow sticks :)   glow stick bowling make area dark for glow stick bowling

Can do this for basement bowling, green, red & blue? Night Time Bowling water bottle recycle camping glow stick sleepover summer outside play games block party dollar store kid toddler. No instructions - Just a picture.

Great Summer Camp Ideas

great ideas for our camping vacation that we are taking. Tour of the USA! Really love hammocks off vehicle

Pre cooked beacon, per-measure pancake powder in shaker container

Cook up the bacon and set aside. Mix pancake mix and pour a small strip on the skillet. Place bacon on the strip of pancake batter and pour enough batter over the bacon strip to cover it. Cook as you normally would regular pancakes.

Easier than shoving it in the ground and can be put on tables for parties that last until after dark

Solar Light Centerpiece - It’s an inexpensive solar light that has been mounted on an inverted terra cotta pot. It provides a lot of light at a picnic table at night. Now all you have to do is paint or decorate the pot!