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Owner swims with his dog Schoep to ease dog's arthritis.

Schoep is 19 years old and has Arthritis. His owner John Unger discovered that the water from the lake helps relax Schoep so every night he takes his dog for a swim in the lake so he can get some sleep.

coal miner... haunting...

A close up portrait of a coal miner in Omar, West Virginia, by B. Anthony Stewart, National Geographic in Photography - Black & White

✯ The look tells more than words ...  Somalia

Getty images 2011: il mondo in 25 foto - Repubblica.it

Safia Adem mourns the death of her son Hamza Ali Faysal, in a camp of displaced Somalis within the rubble of the Cathedral of Mogadishu on August 2011 in Somalia. The malnourished child died two weeks after fleeing with his family from famine and d

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boy,black and white boy black and white grayscale black background children wallpaper – Grayscale Wallpapers – Desktop Wallpapers

bring your vision

ordovicianfauna: “ Dutch photographer Teun Hock’s photographs are clever, eye-catching, and surreal. Consistently using himself to convey a peculiar character, he depicts a middle-aged man who is.

some things never change.. Five ladies with long stockings and a Scotsman, England, 1927

some things never change. Five ladies with long stockings and a Scotsman, England, 1927 All the lassies say: Donald Wheres Yer Troosers

Philadelphia Homeless by Tom Gralish, 1986 Pulitzer Prize.

Philadelphia's Homeless 1986 Pulitzer Prize, Feature Photography, Tom Gralish, The Philadelphia Enquirer a homeless man.