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Comics grammar

Do you find it annoying when people shorten words they use?

How many languages do you speak?

  • iLiana H

    My native language is spanish, but i speak english and a little bit of french :)

Most egregious grammar mistakes on signs

“Different than" vs. “Different from"

Do you have impeccable spelling and correct grammar? As you see it plays an important role for catching the man/woman of your dream :)

Language is the definition of humanity. Imagine a life without any sort of communication, how do you interact with others?

Typeface designed for doctors

How many grammar mistakes did you find in this sentence: “I am disappointment in you’re grammar”?

Who else wants to check their grammar? "Whenever i see a grammatical error, i look TO the keyboard to see if the distance OF THE letters makes IT ACCEPTABLE THE MISTAKE" Really? :)

Grammatical errors can cut your life :) Be careful!

Adjectives about myself

How the question mark was born ;)

Possessive and plural name - Stick it!

Possessive name ending in "s"

The right way to use an apostrophe

Flesh out an idea VS flush out an idea

What it means when you say literally?

If you can change i.e. to in other words, and the sentence still makes sense, then you're using it correctly.