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The power of punctuation

Try not to use comma unless you can apply a specific rule.

The power of punctuation :)

Who said grammar isn't important ;)?

"Comma confusion" is one of the most common grammatical problems!

The "worst" examples of "unnecessary" quotation "marks"

The "worst" examples of "unnecessary" quotation "marks"

Does it irritate you when people misuse apostrophes?

If you want to write English more effectively, then you should use the colon and semicolon.

We can't be taking in every stray comma you bring home...

Punctuation for sale...

Punctuation is a really important part of writing. It's used to help make your writing easy to understand.

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Question Marks and Exclamations

Exclamation marks are used in exclamatory sentences, and sometimes in imperative sentences. Avoid using exclamation marks in formal writing as they are seen to concentrate on the emotion rather than the information. If you’re writing informally or creatively, an exclamation mark can be even more effective than words when implying tone.

1. Periods and trailing commas always go inside quotation marks and single quotes. 2. Be logical with question marks and quotes. 3. Capitalize the start of a direct quote, even in the middle of a sentence. 4. [Wikipedia Style Manual] If an entire sentence is quoted in such a way that it becomes a grammatical part of the larger sentence, the first letter loses its capitalization. 5. Use single quotes when quoting a quote. 6. Offset direct quotes with commas.

1. Use apostrophes with contractions (do not, becomes don't, is not, becomes isn't, etc.). 2. Use an apostrophe to denote possession or ownership of something.