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Finnish costumes

Finnish costumes

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SUOTNIEMI BROOCH by Finnish jewelry company Kalevala Koru. Originals jewelries ancient Finnish jewelry from Bronze or Iron Age. material: silver

Kalevala Koru | Jewelry

"The Bird of Uhtua" by Finnish jewelry company Kalevala Koru. Original ancient Finnish jewelry from Uhtua, 1050-1300 A.D. The ancient Scandinavian people had a special connection to the waterfowls, those birds symbolized fertility, but also beginning of the spring/summer season when the waterfowls returned to Scandinavia. Bronze.

Kalevala Koru | Korut

Bronze bracelet from Kalevala Koru from the end of the 1930's beginning of 1940's. The original bracelet is in the National Museum in Helsinki Finland and dates from 900-1000 and it was worn by Finno-Ugric tribes living in Russia. The bracelet evolved over time from a simple to this one That is large and ornamented pice. The bracelets called Merya and it's the most beloved by the Finish people. Stamped: K.K. The width of the strap: 5 cm The length of kleporna: 3 cm

Hannunvaakuna - Kalevala Koru

Kalevala Koru | Korut

Kalevala Koru Finland Bronze Folkloric Vintage.... I have this Necklace.. Got it in Finland.. Anybody interested in buying it??

Female dress from Saramäki (Turku) around year 1000, finnish Iron age Scroll down the blog page to find two pictures of this which can be made larger.

Turku Gingerbread: Return to Turku Castle

``more pics of ancient Finnish "muinaispuku"`` There`s a craft museum for clothing in Finland??? next trip has gotten a new destination!

Suomen kansallispukukeskus

The Tuuteri folk dress, Finland | Tuuterin kansallispuku

Tuuterin kansallispuku | Antti Sihlman Photography

The Sami Reindeer Herders of Scandinavia Tell a Story With Their Clothing

This woman is sapmi / sami woman from Finnish Lapland.

Snappertuna; Raseborg (Finnish: Raasepori) is a town and municipality of Finland.

Vihti (Swedish: Vichtis) is a small municipality located in the Uusimaa region of province of Southern Finland,

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    hi! lovely board, but i thought you might like to know that the above dress is actually from Sysmä-Luhanka in Central Finland, not Vihti. Vihti does have its own folk costume though! i'm sure there's photos of it somewhere

Helsinginpitäjä, Vantaa, Finland

Folk costume of Tuuteri, based on a dress from 1880 in the Ingrian region of Karelia and part of former Finland, today belonging to Russia

Sääksmäki, Finland

Traditional Finnish Girls Headdress; "pinteli"

päähine; tytön pinteli

Jurva, Finland

Pyhäjoki area (Finland)

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Suorasarafaani. Festive dress of Eastern Orthodox Karelia, Finland.

Karelian woman wearing traditional dress (Finnish vintage postcard)

Nordic Thoughts: Finland

Finnish mittens, beautiful merino wool mittens knitted in a traditional Nordic folk pattern with fringing around the wrist. Handmade


Traditional Dress in Lapland, Finland

Finnish Viking.They are almost 100% fabric-efficient and use only about 2 yards of fabric for most "average" sizes.

Jenny Kangasvuo - Suomalainen muinaispuku -tutkielman liitteet