My Re-Purposed Upstairs Bathroom

I finally got around to re-doing my upstairs bathroom. It was fun to add all the vintage touches.
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I used the other part of this door under the new cabinet for the sink. This was left over - so I had to use it somehow! It became my valance. Waste nothing!

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My friend from CA brought me two old bird cages she had. I used this one in my bathroom, and the other in my studio. LOVE how they turned out!

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The look behind the door.

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I wanted something different for the TP holder. I had this old light sconce so I cut down a spindle and capped it with an old lantern part over the cut end.

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The old screen door frames in the the rusty metal holder for the towels.

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The old vanity looks like wood, but it's metal. Another thrift find I loved!

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Looking straight in the bathroom

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Love my towel holder!

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My favorite part of this is the hanging pulley and the rusted crooked wheels as the towel hanger.

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I love the old architectural piece above the sink and the syrup pourer as the soap dish

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My upstairs bathroom that I recently remodeled with vintage and re-purposed items. I couldn't find tile to match what I already had when we took out the cabinet, so I found an old door and used it to fill the space under the sink counter. It makes me happy!

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