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Thanks for the womb and board. #mothersday

Easter Humor

Christmas humor!!!!!made me laugh

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I didn't know why my child had a middle name until he entered toddlerhood...

The middle child syndrome does actually exist. Trust me I know. Story of my life. On an up side, middle children are said to be the most independent, out spoken, successful and strong minded out of all children. Trust me, I can also vouch for that.

Tag ALL the Wonder Women you know! #9gag by 9gag


Grandmothers are by far the world’s best food source // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

me too kid, me too

what is your cupid name cute?

For all the Family Circus cartoons THAT I CLIPPED OUT! OVER THE YEARS!

Being a GRANDPARENT is the best ever!

Watch out, Santa! ;)

Funny Christmas Card :) #christmas #christmascard #christmascards #holiday #holidays #mouse

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#christmas #funny #humor

My dad found my passive aggressive note that I wrote the toothfairy. It was better than I remembered. - Imgur

Sounds about right!

A Recent Study

What's your elf name?

Thanksgiving Poem

Sometimes, it's just best to be surprised!

We can't wait!

Ha! #grandma #grandkids