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Grandstream IP Telephone System
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Grandstream GVC3210 4K Video Conference - SIP/ H323 -HEVC/H265
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Grandstream HTA814 ATA - https://www.grandstreamdubai.com/grandstream-hta814-ata/ Galaxy Phone, Samsung Galaxy, Port
Grandstream HT814 FXS ATA Adaptor- 4 Port ,T.38 Fax, 2 SIP Account
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Grandstream HTA818 ATA - https://www.grandstreamdubai.com/grandstream-hta818-ata/ Audio Mixer, Connection
Grandstream HT818 ATA Adaptor - 8 FXS Port - 2 SIP Profiles-T.38 Fax
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Grandstream HT802 Dubai - https://www.grandstreamdubai.com/grandstream-ht802-dubai/ Caller Id, Supportive
Grandstream HT802 ATA Dubai - Support 2 fxs Ports and 2 SIP Accounts
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Grandstream HT801 Dubai - https://www.grandstreamdubai.com/grandstream-ht801-dubai/ Facts
Grandstream HT801 ATA Dubai- 1 SIP Line and 1 FXS port
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Grandstream HT812 Dubai - https://www.grandstreamdubai.com/grandstream-ht812-dubai/ Effective Communication, Workplace, Enhancement, Skills, Relationship
Grandstream HT812 ATA Adaptor - 2 FXS Ports & 2 SIP Lines,HD Codec
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Grandstream GWN7600LR - https://www.grandstreamdubai.com/grandstream-gwn7600lr/ Wireless Access Points, Wireless Networking, Weatherproofing, Clients, Technology, Outdoor, Tecnologia
Grandstream GWN7600LR - Outdoor AP, MIMO Technology - 450+ Clients
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Grandstream GWN7600 - https://www.grandstreamdubai.com/grandstream-gwn7600/
Grandstream GWN7600 Acess Point- Inbuilt Controller for 30 GWN AP
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Grandstream GWN7000 - https://www.grandstreamdubai.com/grandstream-gwn7000/ Vpn Router, Wireless Controller, Enterprise, Physics, Physique
Grandstream GWN7000 VPN Router-Wireless Controller for 300 GWN AP
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Grandstream GXP1780 IP Phone Dubai-HD wideband audio,3 SIP account
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Grandstream GXP1760W - https://www.grandstreamdubai.com/grandstream-gxp1760w/
Grandstream GXP1760W IP Phone- 3 SIP accounts, 24 BLF Keys - WiFi
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Grandstream GXP1782 - https://www.grandstreamdubai.com/grandstream-gxp1782/
Grandstream GXP1782 IP Phone - 4 SIP accounts , 32 Virtual BLF Keys
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