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a painting of sailboats sailing in the ocean
Sailboats, 1929 by Lyonel Feininger
two boats in the water near each other
Sister Act: identical super yachts meet for the first time
Report on two near identical yachts and their history, before they meet for the first time in the present day.
a small boat with an american flag on the front is in the water and it's name is corssande vii
The Lisa Porter Collection
now that's the way to travel...
a red and white boat sitting on top of a wooden table next to a plaque
Constellation 1964 America's Cup Wooden Half Hull Model Yacht 24"
CaptJimsCargo - Constellation 1964 America's Cup Wooden Half Hull Model Yacht 24", (
set of vintage nautical emblems and badges
Set of Yacht Club Labels Design
Set of Yacht Club Labels Design by idimair on Creative Market
several sailboats are docked in the water with buildings in the backgrouds
Sparkman & Stephens New York 32, or "Bird" in The Talented Mr Ripley
there is a boat that is docked at the dock with other boats in the water
'Martha' - Hoopers Island draketail
two people on a small white boat in the middle of a body of water with trees in the background
Hooper Island Draketail Deadrise Workboat on Harris Creek near Tilghman Island, MD. One of the first types of purpose-built small powered fishing boats to appear on the Chesapeake Bay were the Hooper Island draketails of the 1920s and 1930s. The Hooper Island draketails featured construction similar to the sailing skipjacks, but were narrower as stability was not needed to carry a sail and a narrow hull made best use of the limited power from the available gasoline engines.
a sailboat is labeled with instructions for how to use it and what to put on it
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