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Grandview Travel

Columbus, Ohio 43212  ·  Grandview Travel is one of central Ohio's leading travel agencies. We offer high quality, personalized service. Contact us today and get packing!
Grandview Travel
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This is the Kind of Cruise for Those Who Don't Think They'll Enjoy Cruising (myself, included!).    Six Things You Should Know About A Windstar Tahiti Cruise

Windstar Cruises’ romantic and unique style of cruising is unmatched when it comes to enjoying Tahiti’s sun-soaked beaches, crystal-clear waters, incredible sea and wildlife, and exotic tropical island ports in casually elegant style.

Common-sense items for trans-Atlantic flights and beyond.  My go-to's:  Blistex, hand cream, disinfecting hand wipes, good earbuds, my MacBook Air, reading material, travel documents, prescriptions, wallet and anything I must have to survive for 24 hours without my luggage.

You already know how to pack the perfect carry-on, but what about the so-called personal item?