shadow birds

The Russian artist / photographer Alexey Bednij takes pleasure in playing with the shadows, creating amazing surrealist photographs. A highly original work where the shadows take place like puzzle pieces, mixing the real and the imaginary… Trully awesome!

Eartha Kitt photographed by Gordon Parks, June 1952

Eartha Kitt and her kitties photographed by Gordon Parks, June 1952

Welles, Laurel & Hardy

Ever wanted to see Orson Welles jam with Laurel & Hardy? Photo features Orson Welles playing around with Laurel and Hardy on the Fox lot circa 1943 while Welles was shooting Jane Eyre and the comedic duo were filming Jitterbugs.

Awesome - Alfred Hitchcock in the Rovers Return

Alfred Hitchcock peering through the doors of the Rovers Return pub in the soap Coronation Street, June 1964 by Joe Darby for the Daily Herald

It's a kitten... drinking milk... with a straw!

A kitten drinking milk through a straw, taken for the Daily Herald, 1957 (via the National Media Museum UK)


Six of the frowzy-headed Fishers in a pose. Photo was used in the 1908 "American Birds" book by William Lovell Finley. The photo is found opposite page

Basket Jim in Covent Garden

Balancing Act. Basket Jim does his thing in Covent Garden, London, in "weird wicker"

Martha Raye rides a bike.

Cycling with the stars -- Hollywood on two wheels." - Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle "A quick daily fix of cycling-movie-star happiness!

Not even Katharine Hepburn in a moth costume made Christopher Strong bearable.

Oh Look, Here’s Katharine Hepburn on a Skateboard

Katharine Hepburn, “Christopher Strong”, 1933 Moth costume designed by Howard Greer

Carole Lombard and Clark Gable and cats!

siamese twins in the company of clark gable, carole lombard, and a pack of cigarettes

FW Murnau on the set of Faust.

Crew members prepare Emil Jannings for the scene in "Faust - Eine deutsche Volkssage" dir. Murnau) in which Mephisto’s wings obscure the sky as he hovers above a city.