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SIX|72 Woodworks is the home of beautiful and functional furniture and other objects designed and made by Rebecca Milo & Grant Bowen.
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two wooden skateboards sitting on the ground next to each other, one is upside down
Stoked on these new #longboards we just finished for Chris D in NY! #six72woodworks @rebeccamilo
a close up of a wooden table with metal legs and a blue carpet in the background
#six72woodworks take on a #midcentury modern walnut coffee table for @chuck259
a close up of a wooden table with metal legs and a blue carpet in the background
oval walnut coffee table w/ hairpin legs for chuck d!
a wooden table sitting in the middle of a parking lot next to a black metal frame
#walnut table# six72woodworks
a wooden skateboard with black wheels on a white background
Projects | six72-woodworks
Long Pin Wood: Walnut, Mahogany, w/ Maple Stringers Dimensions: 37.25" x 8.25" Trucks: Randal 180mm #six72woodworks
cutting board #six72woodworks Cutting Board, Board, Cutting, Objects Design
cutting board #six72woodworks
a large wooden table with metal legs on concrete ground next to pavement and cement area
walnut table #six72woodworks
several small wooden tags hanging from a line with clothes pins attached to them that have pictures of different towns on them
Rustic Truckee River wedding
laser cut walnut seating cards by #six72woodworks @eaphotos photo
a man cutting metal with a grinder and sparks in front of him on a workbench
@Rebecca Milo at the #metalshop
a man wearing a face mask while standing next to a table with surfboards on it
sanding in the streets
an air plant is mounted on the wall above a bench with gingham checkered cushion
walnut air plant wall
several surfboards are lined up against the wall with wood boards attached to each other
a wooden table sitting on top of a cement floor next to a sidewalk with no one around it
walnut side table
a wooden skateboard sitting on the ground with its wheels still attached to it's sides
walnut pescado
a wooden skateboard sitting on top of cement
oak, walnut, & mahogany long pin