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"Desert Rain," a 1959 painting by the late hard-edge artist Eva Slater

Life in the Slater household in Orange County was like living in a mid-century modern postcard. John and Eva Slater and their kids, Dan and Miriam, l.

Grant Wiggins. "Psychoactive Snack." Acrylic on canvas. 12 inches square (30cm square). 2012. See more neo pop art paintings like this at

'Psychoactive Snack' is an abstract geometric composition by Grant Wiggins that combines graphic motifs and overlapping geometric patterns.

Julian Stanczak's painting from 1971, "And Then There Were Three."

Op-art painting by Julian Stanczak, It's high and wide.

Abstract geometric artwork by Grant Wiggins. "Sinewaves and Shockwaves 3."

Abstract geometric artwork by Grant Wiggins, such as the painting 'Sinewaves and Shockwaves 3 (Infinite Inverse),' combine bold patterns and vivid colors.

Jonathan Leach. "Minutes Away."

Jonathan Leach, Abstract Painting in Context - Literal Magazine