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This would be a cool classroom poster for my teacher friends @Stephanie Close Mansfield @Kayla Barkett Blodgett

A Little Cheat Sheet To Avoid Using The Word ‘Very’ -- Picture from the movie 'The Dead Poets Society' I'm watching this movie in my English class and I love it!

What did I just see? (Gif)

The awkward moment when.(gif) <-- I officially want to pretend to be a mime.and have a real wall there.

is it wrong that i've done this?

News you can use: The Starbucks Trenta cup can hold an entire bottle of wine. And although the Starbucks Trenta cup technically holds more liquid than the average human stomach, I know for a fact…

#aioutlet....Men's beach clothes...Oh, my  husband would look so sexy in this striped poolover for those cool nights on the beach!

There is 0 tip to buy this sweater: sweatshirt stripes nautical black blue cream white beach. Help by posting a tip if you know where to get one of these clothes.