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Currency & Coinage Through Time

Currency & Coinage Through Time

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drachma coin (tetradrachm) of Mithridates VI of Pontus (120–63 BC). Production place: Pontus, northern Turkey. Date: around 83 BC Silver - Hellenistic

Statere - argento - Barke, Cirenaica (Libia) (435-310 a.C.) - ΑΚΕ-ΣΙΟΣ - Giove ammone di fronte - Münzkabinett Berlin

Münzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen Berlin

1833 British Indian quarter Anna Old coin by nancyplage on Etsy, £3.00

Dracma - argento - Apollodoto I (180-160 a.C.) regno ellenistico della Battriana, Afganistan -

Münzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen Berlin

Coin with a Head of Apollo and His symbols - circa 450-400 B.C. - at the Paolo Orsi Museum, Syracuse

Scythian Medusa Plaques, 4th Century BC

Vladimir Putin: Please return the Pereshchepyna Treasure

Tetradracma - argento - (135-134 a.C.) Atene, Attica - civetta seduta sopra un'anfora, piccolo Asklepios in piedi a sn. - Münzkabinett Berlin

Münzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen Berlin

Coin from Knossos, Crete, c.280 BCE

Early Labyrinths

Esta moneda fue usada por el imperio de Persia. Se creó alrededor del 500aC y está hecha de plata.

Sestertius of Nero, 54-68 CE. This coin depicts the opening of the new Roman port at Ostia (Portus). London, British Museum.

A Viking penny with an image of Thor’s hammer with a “Hand of God” resting on top on the reverse, and a drawn bow and arrow (possibly a misrepresentation of a ship) on the front. Cast out of silver. Made in 920 at the mint of Regnald, the Viking king at York. Currently held at the British Museum

An Excessively Rare and Important Roman Gold Aureus of Vespasian (69-79 C.E.), Among the Rarest Gold Issues Related to the Subjugation of the Jews

"Octopus Man" coins from Sri Lanka

Ancient Roman Art | Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Coin of the Moneyer Caius Renius - 138 ...

Symbol of Athena-1973 Greece Greek 2 Drachmai Owl Bird Animal Coin

1973 Greece Greek 2 Drachmai Owl Bird Animal Coin | eBay

Edward I (1272-1307), First coinage, Penny, type IIa, Dublin, Ricard A nice example of a scarce Irish medieval coin

Ancient Persian. Gold dinar coin of Shapur II, 309-379 AD.

Kanishka I Coin Found in Ahinposh Afghanistan.

A Unique and Important Greek Electrum Hekte Attributed to Uncertain Mint in Ionia, One of the Few Issues of Greek Coinage to Feature a Lobster IONIA, Uncertain. Circa 600-550 BC.

Carthaginian war coinage: the Carthaginian goddess Tanit and the Greek mythological creature Pegasus.

Carthage - Livius

Conspiracy or Coincidence? If looked at close the five dollar bill represents the twin towers, the ten is after the planes collided, the twenty shows a building colapsing, the fifty is the dust and smoke, and the hundred is a new beginning.

Wheat Pennies - including a steel penny from WWII

1916-D Mercury Dime Key Date ID How To Identify, Authenticate Images

1924 P Buffalo Nickel Very Fine Coins make Cents by riggsbyscorner

Revolutionary War - Continental Money

Revolutionary War - Continental Money