love this!

Free and Funny Family Ecard: If you would just listen and do something the first time I asked, Mommy wouldn't have to lose her shit.


WHY I NEVER TOLD MY KIDS THESE LIES.Funny Family Ecard: My parents accused me of lying today. I looked at them and said 'tooth fairy, easter bunny, santa claus' and walked away like a boss.


Karma Instead of "Have a nice day" . I think I'll start saying "Have the day you deserve!" Ya know, let karma sort that shit out.


Free and Funny Family Ecard: To the woman with six screaming kids in Walmart, if you are wondering how those condoms got in your cart.


Best Friend Memories: Funny Friendship Ecard: We are so hilarious. I feel bad for the people who dont get to listen to our conversations and enjoy our hilariousness.


Best friend bought this for me when I went through a divorce, love it! Also a funny image

Impractical Jokers

these guys are absolutely hilarious. if you like improv comedy, check out Impractical Jokers thursday nights at 10 PM on TruTV.

love my jager!

Excuse my hair the next 4 months. I drive a Jeep Wrangler. Can't wait to get that top off :)


Ive been trying to figure out why I keep sabotaging myself when it comes to weight loss.I guess Ive just been thinking this subconciously