Snowflake art - just remove the masking tape when the paint dries! These would be fun to make. And so much cheaper than buying seasonal wall decor. @Ellen Page Page Page Page Kelly one more for craft day? I have canvas :)

Snowflake art - Masking tape on a canvas then paint! When the paint dries, just remove tape. Very fun project!

fingerprint christmas this as a holiday project

thumb prints made into Christmas lights. Easy craft to do with the kids. To enhance this, I might extend the strand each year, so by the time they are older, you have a long string of thumb print lights.

Cocoa mix gift.

Individual Hot Chocolate Favor Kits: Individual Packs of Hot Cocoa Mix, Peppermint Candies - Crushed - Cup Milk Chocolate Chips, 1 Cup Mini Marshmallows. Directions: Mix with 6 cups of hot water or milk.

I NEED RIBBON AND CLOTHES PIN. christmas cards holders--- put ribbon over pantry door

Creative Christmas Card Display Ideas

For Christmas: attach ribbon to kitchen cabinets + use clothespins to hang cards. View Original Source View Original Pin For Christmas: attach ribbon to kitchen cabinets + use clothespins to hang cards.

These candy cane hearts are ADORABLE!! Bake them for a few minutes to get the candy canes to bend. What a fun Christmas treat idea!

Candy Cane Hearts

You know we’re all about crafting amazing, personal, heartfelt gifts for your nearest and dearest – so here’s our fave DIY Christmas gifts for your family and friends.

58 Christmas Movies To Watch On Netflix

58 Christmas Movies You Can Stream On Netflix Now

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it's time your Netflix queue reflected that. With the 2016 holiday season right around the corner, the best way to get ready is with a Netflix Christmas movie marathon.

What a great way to spruce up a poinsettia or other flower pot inside your home. It is only temporary so it can even be made around a favorite pot in your home right now. Put a rubber band around ...

Holiday Center piece Idea - Stretch a rubber band around a cylindrical vase, then stick in candy canes until you can't see the vase. Tie a silky red ribbon to hide the rubber band. Fill with red and white roses or carnations. Pretty centerpiece or gift!

Magnets glued to Christmas ornaments. Cute way to dress up the kitchen for the holidays.

Glue an ornament to a magnet and voila instant holiday cuteness! Im am totally doing this with some cheap Christmas ball ornaments come holiday time! Cute gifts too! Paint merry Christmas in the bulbs for extra holiday cheer

Popsicle stick snowflakes  I can do this!

popsicle stick snowflakes - I can picture these painted silver with rhinestones hanging in the windows with Christmas lights. And kids would love putting together the Popsicle stick snowflakes!  Stampin Up Gift  Christmas Snowflake Cocoa Mug Hot Chocolate Treat

LINK to TEMPLATE - Christmas Snowflake Cocoa Mug Hot Chocolate Treat - tuck a gift card inside & you've got a great all in one gift!

Super cute way to wrap christmas presents.   A snow man for each kid?! how CUTE would that be1

Super cute way to wrap christmas presents. A snow man for each kid? Or, super easy decoration, that is kid friendly :)