Amazing puffer fish

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A bandtail puffer

'Stare' by Underwater Photographer Keri Wilk ~~ A bandtail puffer comes in for a close look.

The puffer fish - one of H's favourites

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Arothron firmamentum

Every year during Easterly winds schools of starry toados (Arothron firmamentun) blow into the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve.

Puffer fish - (CC)TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋) -

ichthyologist: “ Starry Puffer (Arothron stellatus) The starry puffer is a marine fish that grows up to m in length. When threatened, it can swallow water or air to inflate itself.

Arothron diadematus. That is a really very scary human-looking face on that fish.

A masked puffer fish (Arothron diadematus) swims near coral at the Egyptian resort of Madinat Makadi near Hurgada. They have very sharp teeth.

Party Balloon  Balloonfish on Calabas Reef, Bonaire. Shot on Kodachrome 64 film at night with 35-80mm zoom lens.

Party Balloon - Spiny Balloonfish (Diodon holocanthus) on Calabas Reef, Bonaire. Shot on Kodachrome 64 film at night with zoom lens.

Spotted Porcupine Fish

Spotted Porcupine Fish (Diodon Hystrix), Maui, Hawaii, USA

Porcupine Puffer Fish: when puffer fish are forced to puff up, they induce a process physiologically similar to having a heart attack. In some cases, the puffing is hard enough on their systems to be fatal.